USA NEWS – Joe Biden made some important decisions in the first week after becoming US President. One of his decisions has surprised most people. Biden temporarily halted the decision to sell F-35 fighter jets to the UAE on Wednesday night. Not only this, the decision to sell arms to Saudi Arabia, an old ally of the US, will also be reviewed.

Both of these decisions were made by Trump in 2019. Tensions in the US and Iran were heightened when the F-35 was sold to the UAE. The Biden Administration has made it clear that all parties will be looked into again in the Arms Deal case, and only then a final decision will be taken.

What is the reason for this decision

A spokesman for the US State Department briefed the decision on Wednesday. Said- Now these deals have been temporarily banned. The new government will review it. The aggressive attitude that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are taking in Yemen is believed to result in human rights abuses, and the decision is to indicate to both countries that Biden is serious about the issue.

Do not overcame the case

The spokesperson said- Whenever a new government comes to power, such decisions are taken. Some deals are reviewed. We want transparency to be maintained. These matters need neither to be emphasized nor given much attention. This is a routine process. We want the security needs of our partners to be met on a priority basis.

The United States decided on the F-35 to UAE in late 2019. The deal is said to be worth $ 23 billion.

Arab-Israel deal will not be affected

In the era of Trump, he worked hard to bring Arab countries and Israel closer. As a result, four Arab countries, including the UAE, started diplomatic relations with Israel. Israel has also started its Embassy in the UAE. The UAE is believed to have signed F-35 deal with Israel and Iran on the basis of threat. The Biden Administration feels that the UAE is no longer threatened by both countries.


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