SAO PAULO NEWS – According to information received by WorldNews superfast, Brazilian President Jair Bolonaro on Wednesday reported an unholy attack on the media that his administration spent $ 3 million on condensed milk cans in 2020 and sparked outrage and ridicule. The debate over spending priorities began in the week after he refused to pursue the epidemic welfare program.

Bolsonaro issued excuses and insults against journalists, addressing dozens of supporters at a restaurant in Brasilia,

According to information received by WorldNews superfast, 2.5 million of condensed milk was added to favorite desserts, which would feed more than 370,000 members of the armed forces. This (condensed milk cans) is in the press to stick your tears, you! “Bolsonaro said in a video published on several social media channels, as his supporters and ministers cheered him.” These misleading accusations told us somewhere. Do not carry And if they accuse me of this, it is because I have nothing else to accuse them of.

The news of the purchase attracted so much attention that the government’s website for spending transparency crashed on Tuesday

According to information received by WorldNews superfast, a large number of inquisitive Brazilians sought to review the figures. Bolsonaro told his supporters that earlier administrators spent more on thick milk than they did. The website went back online on Wednesday. Bolsanaro was flooded on Tuesday on Brazilian social media by associating it with condensed milk, one of which depicted soldiers burying with paint cans with painted liquid.

Earlier on Tuesday, Bolsonaro told supporters in the social media messaging app Telegram that condensed milk is ideal for soldiers

According to the information received by WorldNews superfast, they operate in many different areas, where fresh milk cannot be shipped. The President of Brazil has posted pictures of him eating condensed milk-covered bread since his victorious presidential campaign in 2018. His disdain for the mainstream media comes to an end before his candidacy, when he was a fringe MP.

Bolsonaro faces pressure after almost a year on COVID-19

The administration has so far received only 12.8 million shots for 210 million Brazilians, the most purchased from a state governor who is their political rival. In Brazil, about 220,000 people have died of the disease.

Also on Tuesday his administration started paying the last batch of about 200,000 Brazilians worth $ 200

According to information received by WorldNews superfast, an initiative that helped millions of people during the epidemic. Despite pressure from lawmakers on the extent of government spending, Bolsonaro decided to end it. Citing inflated prices when his administration refused to buy 331 million syringes for COVID-19 vaccination, Bolsonaro blamed the media for overcoming the epidemic and sought to undermine his administration.

Brazil is broken and i can’t do anything

According to information received by WorldNews superfast, he said that supporters said on 5 January. I wanted to change the income tax table, but this virus was pumped by this media. We have this media character. Wearing us to get us out of here is tireless.


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