Japan sees steep population drop as pandemic keeps foreigners away : worldnews




Is it just me or did this article strike anyone else as somehow utterly bizarre?

Soo, births are down due to the lack of foreigners coming into the country?

Not to put too fine a point on this, but…

Because there aren’t enough tourists and foreigners coming into Japan, there aren’t enough Japanese women getting pregnant????

Please tell me that I’m somehow reading this wrong…

[edit] The best way I can read this is that the only reason Japan’s population is remotely breaking even, is because of the influx of foreign workers immigrating and having kids.

Still, the whole tone of this article feels really weird…



Alright, in the comments below some helpful redditors have actually explained how this works.

It’s nothing to do with children being born, but it’s all to do with foreign workers coming in being counted as part of the population numbers and population growth.

This was fairly stable, i.e. workers coming in, staying for a few years and leaving and being replaced by the next batch of workers doing the same.

Only now, due to the Covid, the workers leaving aren’t being replaced anymore by new workers coming in, hence the use of the term ‘influx’ in the article.

So, this ‘influx’ has dried out to some degree, and therefore we get the impact on population growths stats.


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