Leading baby food manufacturers knowingly sold products with high levels of toxic metals, a congressional investigation found : worldnews



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Whether the baby food was organic or not did not matter, the subcommittee found – levels of toxic metals were still high.

Three additional baby food companies, according to the congressional investigators, did not fully cooperate with the subcommittee’s investigation: Sprout Organic Foods; Walmart, which sells Parent’s Choice baby food; and Campbell Soup Company, which sells the Plum Organics brand of baby products.

Documents showed Nurture sold Happy Baby baby foods that tested as high as 500 parts per billion and 641 parts per billion for lead. Nurture also sold “a finished baby food product that contained 10 ppb mercury, and two others that contained 9.8 and 7.3 ppb. A level of 10 ppb is five times more than the EPA’s 2 ppb standard for drinking water,” the subcommittee wrote.

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