Kingsville couple fined $880 for Pokemon GO outing amid stay-at-home order : worldnews



I mean, I guess they broke the law there, but people like this aren’t responsible for spreading covid. They were in their car in a church parking lot. Literally no way to spread it except amongst themselves which, since they live together, is no different than normal. Unless covid has mutated without me realizing to be transmissible to Pokémon, that is.

I’m all for shaming the assholes who keep going on vacations because a year without visiting Florida is apparently too much for them to do without. Or the ones holding massive parties with a bunch of random people they don’t live with. Or the douches who think wearing a mask is an infringement of their rights, disregarding the lives of everyone around them.

These people were just bored and drove around, interacting with nobody besides each other. I’d save that indignation for the ones who are actually doing irresponsible shit.


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