Denmark to build world’s first energy island which will have 200 wind turbines and provide power for millions : worldnews



I’m not sure how consistent wind turbines are, and if they need supplementation too, but solar obviously has the problem of night time. Either it needs to be supplemented or have a rather expensive storage.

For northern countries there is the additional problem of winter having little light, but for sunny areas it can be great supplement itself.

Cryprus, for example, which heavily uses gas power plants (I guess due to the size) has solar panels on most houses: 90% according to this site. Solar is especially great because it doesn’t need the scale large wind farms provide (you can buy small wind generators though; not sure how effective or loud they are.).

A big question is, if investing in large renewable energy projects is it worth this supplemental energy? In other words, will it be incremental or all at once?

Much of the US, as it is relatively slow to roll out big projects like this, could greatly benefit from house solar panels. Most of the US is sunny and has a lot of sprawl, which means useless roofs to put panels on.


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