Cyber breach at Florida water treatment facility



These muppets had teamviewer on every computer, with one shared password for remote access.

Technically a ‘breach’ but it’s also been called a hack, when really it’s incompetence on the facilities’ behalf

> Thwarted by system’s plant operator, who spotted the intrusion.

Yeah, he saw the mouse move and ‘xxx has accessed this computer’ and freaked out. Paul Blart wins again!

1 – These computers shouldn’t even be connected to the internet
2 – The software shouldnt allow to set dangerously high levels of chemicals
3 – The hardware should have a safeguard from too many chemicals being put in the water

This lack of caring about IT infrastructure and the sheer ignorance, combined with people wanting conveniences in every step of way will destroy our modern infrastructure. We need to take this seriously. We shouldn’t be one shared password or one malicious click away from poisoning an entire city.


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