Auckland Locks Down After Three Positive Coronavirus Cases



“These new cases pose questions our public health staff are working around the clock to answer. We don’t yet have a complete picture of the potential source of the infection and spread, if any, beyond one household. And we are waiting for the genome sequencing and serology, both of which will provide important pieces of this puzzle.” “As of 11:59 p.m. tonight, Sunday, Feb. 14, Aukland will move to Level 3 for a period of three days, until midnight on Wednesday. The rest of New Zealand will move to Level 2 for the same period of time.” “The main thing we are asking people in Auckland to do is to stay home to avoid any risk of spread. That means staying in your bubble other than for essential personal movement. People should work from home unless that is not possible. If you go outside your home, please maintain physical distancing of two meters outside. Or if you’re in a controlled environment where you know others present, one meter.” “I’m asking New Zealanders to continue to be strong and be kind. I know we all feel the same way when this happens. We all get that sense of, not again. But remember, we have been here before. That means we know how to get out of this again. And that is together. If you know someone in Auckland, reach out, please check on them. And if you’re in Auckland, please check on your neighbors, ensure they’re looked after and supported. And finally, as I’ve said all the way through this, ultimately, please remember, we are going to be OK.”


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