Don’t Call It a Coup, Myanmar Military Leaders Warn Media : worldnews



I dont think these generals understand. The only way to have a dictatorship is too instill continuous fear and restrictions on media. When there was 8 years of democratization and a general openess, the genie is out of the bottle. I hope the international community intervenes but this “coup” will be short lived. They cant even handle the fact that it is a coup and they are no longer recognized. If they are such a powerful dictator how the hell do you let the whole business community write a letter basicallly shitting on you. The generals just have the military now and even that is slipping. there last desperate attempt is to release prisoners to cause havoc and make room for new political prisoners. They burn and loot with government money. But the fear is not enough, it has backfired, and they will see that you cannot control a country if you cannot control the economy.


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