Homosexuality can be called a mental disorder, Chinese court rules; LGBT community disappointed : worldnews



Copying this write-up another Redditor (u/miffedreader) has done. This aligns with my understanding of the situation as well after reading the article

I looked into this, with the help of family member who translated more details of the case in Chinese, and the basics are the following.

-An LGBT woman saw that her textbook defined homosexuality a mental disorder. -She sued the textbook publisher asking for a retraction and public apology on the basis of the fact that Chinese official opinion is that homosexuality is not a mental disorder (and thus the publisher is engaging in misinformation).

-A provincial court in Jiangsu ruled against her, saying that the publisher has the right to publish their opinion. A higher court in Jiangsu sided with the lower court. She may appeal further.

-After her campaign, which received widespread public support, this and other publishers have vowed to ensure that new textbooks do not call homosexuality a mental disorder (although they still refuse to accept legal responsibility and issue the sought after public apology).

Is there a subreddit rule for misleading/false headlines? If there isn’t, i would highly recommend one


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