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It is most regrettable that Coalition and Labor senators combined to block a vote on a motion that recognises the incontrovertible fact that the Chinese government is engaged in a campaign against the Uyghur [sic] people that constitutes an international crime within the scope of the 1948 genocide convention.

This grim reality has been publicly recognised by the United States administration of President Joe Biden, by the Canadian parliament and the parliament of the Netherlands.

I warmly thank the Greens, Senators Lambie and Griff who voted in support of the Senate holding a ballot on the motion. However the Chinese Communist party will no doubt regard the stance taken by the Coalition and Labor as a victory in that the Australian parliament has again decided to self-censor on the subject of human rights in China.

While a number of Coalition and Labor members have self-styled themselves as “wolverines” on the issue of China, today they have proved to be all huff and puff and nothing more when it came to calling out what is an immense crime against humanity.

Remarkably the Coalition and Labor couldn’t bring themselves to allow a vote on a motion which called on the Chinese government to immediately end torture and abuse in detention centres; abolish its system of mass internment camps, house arrest and forced labour; cease all coercive population control measures; and end the persecution of Uyghurs and other religious and ethnic minorities in in China.


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