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Mr Speaker, much to the chagrin of the deputy shadow treasurer, Mr Speaker, I can confirm that 88,700 new jobs were created in February, Mr Speaker. I can confirm today, Mr Speaker, that as a result of the policies that this government put in place that gave a lifeline to Australians, in their greatest hour of need, Mr Speaker, over the course of this year, the million people, Mr Speaker, who lost their jobs, they’re getting their jobs back under the policies of this government, Mr Speaker.

I know on this side of the House, we know how to put policies in place that get people back into work. 1.5 million people came back to work during the course of our government prior to the pandemic, Mr Speaker.

And, Mr Speaker, when 1 million people were forced out of work because of the pandemic, this government showed up, we didn’t take an each-way bet on the measures, Mr Speaker, our government was all in for jobs.

We remain all in for jobs for the Australian people, Mr Speaker. While the Labor party continues, day after day, Mr Speaker, to undermine and whittle and gnaw away at the edges of every single positive measure this government seeks to put in place. It’s a year ago today, it’s a year ago today that the biosecurity act measures were put in place by the governor-general in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic.

And a year later, a year later – there are more jobs today in the Australian economy than there were, Mr Speaker, when we went into this pandemic.

Now, that is a ringing endorsement of the Coalition’s economic policies, of the Coalition’s precise and timely action that has seen this Australian economy through its worst period since the great depression.

We got no support from those opposite, Mr Speaker.

All we got from those opposite was an each-way bet, Mr Speaker.

On one hand they support it, on the other hand, they undermine it. All over the shop. We couldn’t rely on Labor’s support, Mr Speaker. The public can’t support – can’t rely on Labor’s support, Mr Speaker.

The government has been delivering and had the back of Australians all through this crisis. Thank goodness they didn’t have to rely on Labor, because they’re completely unreliable.


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