Doctors say rape used as tool of war in Ethiopia : worldnews



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A CNN team in Hamdayet, a sleepy Sudanese town on the Ethiopian border where thousands of refugees from Tigray have gathered in recent months, spoke with several women who described being raped as they fled fighting.

Many say they were raped by Amhara forces who told them they were intent on ethnically cleansing Tigray, a doctor working at the sprawling refugee camp in Hamdayet told CNN. “The women that have been raped say that the things that they say to them when they were raping them is that they need to change their identity – to either Amharize them or at least leave their Tigrinya status … and that they’ve come there to cleanse them … to cleanse the blood line,” Dr. Tedros Tefera said.

Many of the women who have been raped have contracted sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, doctors told CNN. One doctor said many of the women she treated were also physically abused, with broken bones and bruised body parts.

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