Met Police did not know officer was member of a terror group until anti-fascists leaked data : worldnews



Met Police only recruiting the best and brightest here.

They aren’t recruiting the worst either. I am fed up with listening to non UK redditors assuming UK police are as terrible as US police. What did you expect the recruiting officer to do? Seize all his entire family’s electronic devices and forensically examin them for CP?

The Met are struggling with cuts and maybe some quality but they don’t accept applicants without a degree, nor without passing bleep tests that would give most US cops a heart attack.

They don’t shoot people for holding a screwdriver or holding a knife (the police are attacked with weapons on a daily basis but the entire country shoots less than 1 person a year on average over the last 20 years including the 15 terror attacks over that period), they can’t arrest you for ‘resisting arrest’ (there is no such charge in the UK- this is an enormous difference most Americans do not appreciate), and the majority are decent people who walk around a city of 15m people mostly unarmed and keeping London one of the safest mega cities on earth.


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