Tochka-U ballistic missile system crashes into home in Belarus



The has reported that on Monday a ballistic missile crashed into a home in Moiseevichi, which is within 100 km of Minsk.

A Tochka-U short-range ballistic missile system Armed Forces of Belarus crossed a roadway and drove through a house in Moiseevichi, Asipovichy district on 5 April.

No one was hurt as a result of the accident, but the house was seriously damaged. The missile system on its transporter-erector-launcher was evacuated out using heavy vehicles.


It is reported that the military convoy, which included the Tochka-U missile systems, was moving towards Slutsk.

The Tochka-U (Western reporting name SS-21 or Scarab B) is a Soviet-era high-precision missile system is intended for effective destruction of priority small-size and area targets in the tactical depth of enemy formations round the clock, in any weather and season.

The Tochka can carry conventional, nuclear, or chemical warheads. The maximum range of fire is 70 km. It has a CEP of 160 m. A standard missile is 6.4 m long and weighs 2 000 kg. Warhead weights about 480 kg, depending on the type.


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