Paris on lockdown after deadly hospital shooting as gunman flees on motorbike : worldnews



GuN VioLENCe IS OnLY A US ProBLem! ItS An InTErnaTioNal eMbArRaSmEnt!

Yea. Did plenty to stop this shooting. Here are the gun laws for sporting rifles in France.

“Category B requires the owner to be older than 18, be affiliated with a shooting range, have attended at least 3 shooting sessions with an instructor, and have a medical certificate. The shooter then receives a 5-year authorization to purchase and own of Category B firearms (and therefore Category C firearms since they are affiliated with a shooting range).”

Not to mention they ban a ton of shit. And have universal background checks.

Turns out criminals and terrorists don’t give a shit about the law. So better to allow the regular folks to stay strapped and go after the root of both of those issues.


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