Navalny says Putin is a ‘naked king’ whose crown is ‘sliding from his ears’ amid mass anti-government protests in Russia : worldnews



I don’t think putin’s ever seriously dealt with a dude whose sole purpose in life and death was to punish him before. Most of the time, threats of death work on people and you can easily(ish) control them through fear.

but every once in a while your aggressive domination backfires horrifically and creates a single sick magnificent bastard who just wants you to pay and will gladly toss his life in a furnace if it means fucking you as hard as possible. Not because he hates you specifically, but because you represent to him an intolerable state of existence, a future dominated by one man, where people are controlled through fear. animal husbandry for humanity.

and this one person, putin isn’t equipped to handle him. he can’t kill him now, he can’t break him, he could permanently cripple the guy and turn him into a vegetable and that still won’t stop him. Putin has created the purest, most natural nemesis to dictators everywhere.

He’s created a psychotically brave man, a man who’ll stop at nothing to no-sale putin for the good of his country. even if his own views are misaligned his will can’t be questioned. Nalvany is going to win, solely because putin doesn’t know how to defeat a man who knows no fear of death or torture.


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