Russian heavy flame-throwing launcher crashes into guardrail



A Russian TOS-1A thermobaric artillery rocket system crashed into a guardrail during a rehearsal for the Victory Day military parade in Moscow.

No one was injured when a heavy military vehicle crashed into a guardrail in the Moscow district Khoroshevo-Mnevniki early Friday afternoon, according to local media.

Gazeta.Ru has reported that one of the heavy flame-throwing launchers did not fit into the turn and damaged the guardrail. Then the military vehicle turned around and moved along the route.


The news agency also released a short video showing an incident with TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system, known popularly as “Solntsepyok” (Scorching Sun).

The TOS-1A Solntsepyok heavy flamethrower is a multiple launch rocket system, which comprises a BM-1 combat vehicle, a TZM-T transporter-loader and an ammunition load of rockets. The TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system is a unique weapon by its incorporated technical solutions, assigned combat missions and combat efficiency and is unrivaled in the world.

The TOS-1A is capable of firing both thermobaric rockets and smoke-incendiary munitions. The flamethrower is designed to set ablaze and destroy buildings and structures and damage an enemy’s lightly armored vehicles.


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