Biden to speak on new ‘use it or lose it’ vaccine distribution strategy – live | US news



For most of 2021, the story of the vaccine campaign has been overwhelming demand. Emergency authorities took over stadiums, big-box stores and community centers staffed with dozens of nurses and volunteers to inoculate thousands of people per day.

But in the last two weeks daily vaccination rates in the US have peaked and declined from a high of 3.2m daily vaccine administrations per day to 2.5m. Now, health authorities nationally are experiencing what red states such as Mississippi and Wyoming began to see early signs of – a major slowdown.

‘Across the country we started out with mass clinics and those mass clinics worked very well for the older individuals,’ said Gary Edwards, executive director of the Salt Lake County health department in Utah.

However, he said, ‘we’ve reached a point, and it’s been very interesting how quick that happened, that the mass-clinic model is not reaching the segment of the population we’re trying to reach,’ said Edwards.


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