Australia news live update: Covid restrictions for greater Sydney as medical chief says ‘missing link’ in NSW cases still unknown | Australia news



From 1:00am tomorrow morning, anyone who arrived from New South Wales who has been to any of those venues at the prescribed times and dates, that they will need to go into hotel quarantine.

So we ask that people shouldn’t be travelling from New South Wales who have been to those venues. They should be following the advice of the New South Wales health authorities, but anyone who does arrive from 1:00am tomorrow morning, who has been in those venues, will go into hotel quarantine and we will have police and health workers meeting flights coming in to Queensland to just check with passengers whether they have been at those venues.

We also understand that this list of venues is likely to be increased. So anyone who has been in New South Wales since 27 April, we ask this of you – if you have any symptoms whatsoever, please get tested.

If you arrive after 1:00am tomorrow, and while you were in Queensland identify new venues that you have been at, please immediately quarantine and call 13HEALTH so that we can put in place arrangements to quarantine you in hotel quarantine.


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